Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown Seattle

July 24, 2023

Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown Seattle

Seattle offers many incredible options for Italian cuisine. Downtown Seattle in particular has some of the very best Italian restaurants in the whole city. While all Italian restaurants are expected to have the traditional dishes – pasta, meatballs, pizza – there is plenty of room for variation in the food, drink, and setting of the restaurant. Below we’ve highlighted three of the best Italian restaurants in Seattle which all have something unique to offer. However, if you want to eat at these popular restaurants, you will want to purchase parking in advance to ensure your evening goes as planned. Read on to find out more about how to book nearby parking for Italian restaurants through Park Seattle!


Tulio Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located at 1100 5th Ave in Seattle. Executive Chef Walter Pisano opened the restaurant in 1992 and has been providing a stellar dining experience ever since. Chef Pisano’s menu consists of Northern Italian and Mediterranean favorites such as pork Milanese, lamb shank, ravioli, and much more! To add to their excellent food, Tulio also offers an extensive wine list. The closest parking to Tulio is Seattle Library Garage.

Pasta Casalinga

Pasta Casalinga is another Italian restaurant in downtown Seattle. This restaurant is located in Pike Place Market at 93 Pike St. Born and raised in Torino, Italy, Michela Tartaglia decided to bring her passion for simple, delicious food to Seattle. Prioritizing fresh, in-season ingredients, Michela offers a menu which changes by the week. Anyone who likes traditional Italian cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients should look no further than Pasta Casalinga! For the most convenient parking, book a reservation for 520 Pike Garage here!

Il Terrazzo Carmine

Il Terrazzo Carmine is an authentic Italian restaurant located at 411 1st Ave S. Carmine Smeraldo grew up in Naples, Italy before moving to Seattle and opening his restaurant in 1984. Today, Il Terrazzo Carmine is providing the same wonderful experience it has for the last 40 years. Offering pasta, seafood, salads, and much more, Il Terrazzo Carmine has a dish for everyone. The closest parking space to this restaurant can be found at Butler Garage.

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