Scenic Adventures: Why a Ferry Ride in Seattle Should be on Your Bucket List

May 5, 2023

Scenic Adventures: Why a Ferry Ride in Seattle Should be on Your Bucket List

Seattle, a bustling city on the Pacific Northwest coast, is surrounded by water, making it the perfect location to take a ferry ride. A ferry ride in Seattle is not just a way to get from one place to another, but it’s also a scenic adventure with stunning views of the city skyline, surrounding mountains, and the sparkling waters of Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Island

One of the most popular ferry rides in Seattle is the one that takes you to Bainbridge Island, a charming small town that’s just a short ride from downtown Seattle. The ferry ride itself is an experience, with incredible views of the city and the majestic Olympic Mountains in the distance. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some wildlife, such as seals or bald eagles, during your ride.

Once you arrive on Bainbridge Island, you can explore the town’s shops, galleries, and restaurants, or take a hike on one of the island’s many trails. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even rent a bike and explore the island on two wheels. One of the most popular attractions on Bainbridge Island is the Bloedel Reserve, a 150-acre nature preserve that’s home to stunning gardens, meadows, and forests.

San Juan Islands

Another popular ferry ride is the one that takes you to the San Juan Islands, a group of islands located in the Salish Sea. The ferry ride from Seattle to the San Juan Islands takes about three hours, but the journey is worth it for the breathtaking views of the islands and the surrounding waters. Once you arrive, you can explore the islands’ charming towns, take a whale-watching tour, or go kayaking or hiking.

Vashon Island and Kitsap Peninsula

If you’re visiting Seattle during the summer months, you might want to take a ferry ride to one of the city’s nearby beaches. The ferry to Vashon Island takes you to the island’s popular beach, Point Robinson, which offers stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The ferry to the Kitsap Peninsula takes you to Manchester State Park, a beautiful beach with stunning views of Puget Sound.

No matter which ferry ride you choose, be sure to bring your camera and prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Ferry rides in Seattle are not just a means of transportation, but a chance to experience the natural beauty of the region in a unique and memorable way.

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