Shopping in Seattle

March 19, 2023

Shopping in Seattle

Seattle is a top-notch city that is environmentally friendly, locally sustainable, and is home for those that love the outdoors. If you’re looking for sustainable shopping and clothes to keep you warm on those long hiking trips, Seattle has got you covered! Not only does local culture inspire those who visit to be mindful of their ecosystem but they make it easy by emphasizing thrifting, welcoming companies that share their eco-mindful values, and keeping their prices low. When shopping mindfully, park mindfully and save some extra money by using Park Seattle. Find out more below!

Lifelong Thrift Store and Crossroads Trading

Community staples for the natives of Seattle. Locals are able to donate their clothes, get tax deductions, bargain for trades, and prolong their clothing’s lifespan. These lovely resale and trading stores are located in East Seattle and right next to the 301 Broadway E. Garage.

The North Face Pike Street

Our Time. Our Future. The North Face’s values align closely with those embraced in the Northwest region. While more expensive, the company is based around their sustainability program and determined to make high quality products for those looking to explore and embrace the outdoors! Located on the West side of Seattle, this location is right next to 520 Pike Garage.

Reserve Cheap Parking in Seattle with Park Seattle

Park Seattle provides a simple way to reserve cheap parking in Seattle, Just enter an address in the search bar, select your reservation time, and checkout! Park Seattle does not charge operators and parkers expensive commissions, so they can pass along the savings to you. Find the cheapest online rates every time at Park Seattle!