Top Burgers in Seattle

January 3, 2023

Top Burgers in Seattle

Check out some of the best burger spots in the city of Seattle and let ParkSeattle help you reserve the cheapest and easiest possible parking for your visit! See parking suggestions and full parking instructions at the bottom.

206 Burger Company

206 Burger Company is a popular burger joint located in Seattle, Washington. It is known for its delicious burgers made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and a wide variety of topping options. In addition to burgers, the restaurant also serves sandwiches, salads, and fries. Customers rave about the friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere at 206 Burger Company, making it a favorite spot for a casual meal in Seattle.

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8oz Burger and Co.

This shop is popular almost directly because of its half-pound patties, a fantastic whiskey selection, and a top notch happy hour. When it comes to choosing a burger, diners can trust the name and get the signature 8oz with arugula, balsamic onions, bacon, cheddar, and truffle aioli. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the Pike has habanero jam while the Union is made with an espresso-rubbed patty.

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Burbs Burgers Pioneer Square

The infamous Burbs Burgers is located in Pioneer Square, just one block North of Lumen Field. Burbs Burgers offers some of the most delicious cuts of burgers in all of Seattle. Other items on the menu includes chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, and clam chowder. Treat your family and friends with a trip to Burbs Burgers to experience their specialty sauces and affordable prices.

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