Take Me Out To T-Mobile Park

June 9, 2022

Take Me Out To T-Mobile Park

Reserve cheap parking for Mariners Games with PRKSeattle!

Baseball season is finally here! If you’re looking to attend a Mariners game this summer, make sure to look like a local by bringing a sign for Mike Blowers, and to get parking through PRKSeattle. For years, Mariners fans have consistently gotten more creative with ways to ask game day commentator, Mike Blowers for a basket of free garlic fries. The tradition started when a fan sacrificed his fries to catch a fly ball. Shortly after, he was delivered a new basket of fries courtesy of Mike. To this day, fans will bring signs asking for the rally fries. The most creative ask receives the rally fries for the game. Don’t forget your rally sign in the car, and to save money on parking through PRKSeattle.

How To Save On Mariners game day parking

PRKSeattle is offering several garage alternatives to the standard Mariners garage. Don’t break the bank! All you have to do is go to our website, search for garages or lots near your destination, filter your days and times, and book your spot! We don’t charge our customers commissions or fees, so you get to keep the savings. Find the best rates through PRKSeattle today!

We Suggest Checking Out:

Butler – Garage

Located at 114 James Street, Seattle, WA 98104, just a few blocks away from T-Mobile Park. If you’re looking to head downtown after the game, Butler garage would have you in the perfect parking location without breaking the bank.

Go to PRKSeattle’s website to check out some of our other garages located near T-Mobile Park and downtown Seattle to get the savings you deserve.